Easy Easter Peep Bouquet

 Easter will be here before we know it. This little project was SO easy to put together and fun to make.


A few packs of bunny peeps. I got mine at the Dollar Store. 2  Packs of 8. 1 pink & one yellow
Small galvanized bucket. I got mine at Ikea
Scrap of burlap
Shish kabob sticks
small piece of floral foam
plastic easter grass or coconut & food color. I used coconut & food coloring.
1. place you smal piece of foam inside the bucket.
2. Place 2 peeps on 1 shish kabob stick going right up and through them
3. stick all the kabob sticks with the peeps on them into the foam
4.place grass on top of foam to hide it OR put a few drops of green food coloring into a bowl and mix with coconut to make green coconut grass. The place the coconut into the bucket to hide the foam.
5.Cut a strip of burlap and tie into a bow around the bucket.
Easy as pie!
Guests can grab one to eat or it can just be set out for decor!