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    Everyone likes a good fight, right?


    I know my kids do. If they had the chance, they’d put on some gloves and go at it, every day, and if they catch me on a bad day, I might just let them go at it without the gloves! 😉  That’s when the RUMBLE FISTS & WWE John Cena Spar Bag come in handy!  These things are so fun to play with.   My daughter is a rough and tough girl and she is always working on her “fitness”.  I’m totally not joking!  She likes exercising and is a real motivator for this mom.  She couldn’t wait to get the rumble fists on and start punching things!  I really think I should have put her in martial arts or something.  She has watched some of the WWE Diva fights and watch out ladies, but I think Gianna is gunning for your jobs!

    Here she is, taking it easy on the WWE John Cena Spar Bag wearing her Rumble Fists, but just know, underneath that sweet demeanor is a terror of destruction!

    and once I let her just go at it….all bets were off!  I told you WWE Diva’s, you best watch out!


    I had more photos of this one punching and throwing the sparring bag around and believe me, she was having a field day with it!  The Rumble Fists {$24.99} make hitting noises when you hit them against your target. Sounds like you are giving someone a smackdown!  They are soft and flexible on the outside and each glove has a bar in the middle so you can easily hold them while you hit.  The Spar Bag {$9.99} is just like I remember them from when I was younger!  We would smack that thing around and it took a beating!  Nothing really has changed much where that’s concerned, just has a nice size image of WWE’s John Cena, which Gianna was using as target practice!  I’d say both of these great toys for the little ones on the move and who is full of extra energy!  She was definitely tired after her day of fighting!

    Do you remember playing with a Spar Bag?  If so, who or what was on yours?

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