Never Going on a Road Trip Again…EVER!

The family and I just got back late Saturday evening after spending 9 days traveling.  You see, when we first learned we would be traveling to Orlando with my sons travel baseball team, the first thing I thought of was fun.  However, that fun quickly turned into a headache the moment we entered the car for the long 19 hour ride.  I didn’t really want to drive and actually hated the thought of it, but I knew we couldn’t afford to send the 5 of us packing on an airplane.  After I checked prices it would have been easily $1800 for 5 round trip tickets and when you are on a budget, every penny counts.  I calculated the mileage and estimated the gas for there and back and we were still way under the $1800.  I figured to get us there and back with gas and one overnight hotel stay it would be about $500.00 and I wasn’t too far off from that.


The time had come for us to all pile into the car.  I was used to having a minivan but this trip, we took our brand new car which was a lot smaller…a lot!  The kids barely fit in there with all the bags and snack foods, but somehow, by the grace of God, we got everyone in there.  It was horrible.  Everyone was complaining that they were cramped and couldn’t get comfortable.  I, however, was trying to make the best of it, had no leg room in the passenger seat, sat criss cross applesauce and had a bag filled with things I thought the kids would like to do on this long road trip.  Needless to say, the bag wasn’t opened once.  It was a waste of time and effort for me to put it all together.  I had laminated board games on sheets of paper, I brought books, and colored pencils, I thought of everything, even a deck of cards.  NOTHING was touched!  Next road trip…oh wait, there won’t BE a next road trip!


We got about 150 miles into Indiana when someone drove over a piece of truck tire shrapnel and instantly my husband jerked the car to avoid it coming at us head on and upon doing so, it ended up side swiping the car.  Me in a freaked out panic wanted to pull over to assess the damage and my lovely husband said, “It doesn’t matter when I pull over, either way, you’ll be mad”, which was true but still, pull the EF OVER….he didn’t.  We went another hour or so into the trip before he pulled over to make a pit stop.  Good thing we did because the bumper was hanging off and the quarter panel was dented.  I started to *almost* cry.  I mean, this car is three months old and it was ruined.  You know, once you get hit, nothing is ever the same…ever!


Car damage from truck tire piece


After I get out to take photos, I call my brother…aka…my agent, and he assures me everything will be ok and that the more important thing is that we are all ok.  Logically, I know this, but still…it hurts.  We are back on the road now that my husband attaches the bumper back to the car and each time we stop, we check it to make sure it’s still there.  After what felt like forever, we stop at a hotel for a few hours of sleep.  The hotel was right out of Atlanta and I have to admit, I was scared.  It looked a bit shady…but once I got past the exterior, the inside was rather nice.  I just couldn’t wait to get to our final destination.  Still cramped, after roughly 19 hours in a car, we made it to Kissimmee.  It was so nice to reach our rental without further complications.  We were greeted with a nice note, some beverages and pool toys for the kids.  There we spent the next 7 days.  I will post more about those 7 days in the days to come because this post is about my journey there and back.  The back one was more exhausting than the ride there.


On the way home I think my husband was trying to qualify for the Daytona 500 or something because I swear, I felt like I was going to 1. die, 2. puke, or 3. both.  I held onto the side handle for dear life.  If you don’t believe me, check out the photo I posted on Instagram!  



We escaped death at least twice, though he blames it on stupid drivers….pot meet kettle.  We were stuck in two traffic jams, which were totally out of our control, but still aggravating when you are anxious to get home.  Then he called me dramatic…really?  REALLY?  If I am being dramatic, I should seriously change careers if you think that!  I’d make a mint on my realistic “scared for my life” acting.  


After a LONG and I mean LONG ride home, we made it…in one piece back to my safe haven.  I just wanted to crawl into my bed and pull the covers over me, and I did…after I washed my blanket and pillow case!  It was the ride home that made me realize, I will NEVER in this lifetime take another road trip again!  NEVER, not EVER!  I’d gladly take a plane and have my husband drive himself there and pick me up at the airport, but you will NEVER see me travel across the country again in a car….NOT EVER!!!  I don’t even think the kids enjoyed it that much.  They were literally sitting with their knees to their chests with no room to spare.  Never again…never.  I think you see my point, don’t you?


How about you?  Do you like taking road trips?  Who does the driving?  




5 thoughts on “Never Going on a Road Trip Again…EVER!

  1. Maaan. I hardly know what to say. That road trip sounded pretty awful. I’m glad you and your family are safe. I’ve had some less than desirable road trips…wait…no..they sucked but I hate flying so I have to deal with the good and the bad ones.

    I learned that both of my children suffered from motion sickness on a road trip. No, we didn’t pull over in time to avoid a mess the first couple trips. Yes we learned what to watch for so we could handle it.

    We’ve also enjoyed some fun ones with music, singing, games of punch buggy and road trip bingo.

    I hope some day when this trip is a distant blur that you’ll give it another try. There are some good ones to be had.

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