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    2 Summer Fun Toys: Phlat Ball & Juggle U

    We love summer and of course, new toys to test, so when we received the Phlat Ball & Juggle U, we knew they were going to be instant hits with all three kids {ages 9, 12 & 16}.  The two younger kids were excited about testing both out while the older one was more interested in just one.


    Phlat Ball by Goliath is just that, a ball that can go from a flying frisbee type of thing to a ball in a matter of seconds.  You flatten the ball so that they attach with a little suction and throw it like a disk.  While in the air, it will pop open to create a ball.  You are throwing a disk and catching a ball.  The kids were throwing the disk and trying to catch it before it popped open to a ball.  It is made pretty solid although it is flexible so it is pretty easy to throw and catch.  Great to take to the beach or just have fun playing in the backyard.

    Our other fun toy to test was Juggle U, also by Goliath was equally as fun.  This time, it was fun for the whole family because we like to challenge each other to see how many times we can catch it without the ball/s falling to the floor. You’ll get 4 balls with it and you have to place them into the opening, and when it is set to the on position, it will push the balls out the other opening and you have to catch them…or juggle them if you will.  You have two-speed settings and of course, I couldn’t get past the lowest setting while my kids quickly passed me by and went to the higher/faster setting.  UGH… I hate not beating them in games!!!  I am a very sore loser!!!  Even the teen girl was involved in the fun!


    For under $17, you can add some laughs to your summer!  The Juggle U is available on Amazon for $16.65 and the Phlat Ball is listed for $13.16.  We had so much fun (and continue to have) fun with these two toys.  For more information and additional games, visit the Goliath website.   I’m sure you’ll find something there your little ones (and teens) will love to play!



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