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    Fuller House Family Binge Day #streamteam

    Fuller House – Binge Day!

    Fuller House Netflix #Streamteam 

    Have mercy! Fuller House aired yesterday on Netflix and everyone in my house was eagerly anticipating the big day.

    I was 18 when the original, Full House aired and the only reason I was watching it was because of Uncle Jessie, not even going to lie!  Back in the day it was Rick Springfield and John Stamos for me.  But then I was hooked because the kids were so dang cute and it was always a “feel good” show.  The show always had some way of reasonating while keeping sensitive issues soft-hearted.  It was a clean, wholesome, family show that has proven its longevity.  When I had kids, each one had their moments for watching the show.  All three of my kids watched it when they were younger and I never got tired of hearing Michelle say, “you got it dude”, or Stephanie say, “how rude”, or watching DJ go through her tween-teen experiences.  

    So naturally, I was not the only one excited for this reunion.  As luck would have it my kids were home from school when it aired (teachers institute day-yay for that) so we had the day planned.

    We started with a box of our favorite, Dunkin Donuts!  We each grabbed two,  a glass of milk and headed towards our spots on the couch.  We fired up Netflix and there is was, it was like seeing rainbows and unicorns.  There was a special glow on the tv screen and slee couldn’t wait to watch it.

    We sat there for hours just watching one episode after the other and before we knew it, 13 episodes came and went!  The kids LOVED it!  I LOVED IT!  It was great to see the chemistry from the original cast fall back into place.  It was awesome to see most (the Olsen twins weren’t featured but at some point it would be great for one to make a cameo appearance) of the cast make their appearance and I LOVED seeing Steve.  So many great actors & actresses making an appearance which made me say, “hey who was that, he/she looks familiar”.  They did make a reference to Michelle in the first episode which was cute, I liked it.

    Again the episodes were fun, clean (for the most part- I mean, they are all adults now) and the new kiddos on the show were super cute!  We especially got a chuckle out of Max.  We were totally hooked.  It will be nice to see how DJ & Stephanie Tanner and the kids on the show evolve.  I for one as excited for the second season.

    Most of us are watching it with great memories.  Now 20 years later we are making memories by watching the show again, but in a new light, with our own kids.

    We had a special day just chillin and watching Fuller House and it’s one I won’t be forgetting any time soon.

    Have you watched it yet? If so, what did you think?


    1. I spent the day yesterday binging on the entire season of Fuller House….and LOVED it! I love Max too. Isn’t he just too cute and funny? I am so hoping that Netflix and Stamos decide to do a second season, at least.

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