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    Gift List Printable #12DaysofBlogmas

    Gift List – Free to Download & Print!

    A printable!  A Gift List Printable!  Who doesn’t love printable?  Today is day 2 of the 12 Days of Blogmas, so thank you for stopping by again!  If you didn’t get a chance to check out my holiday bucket list, please do.  If you are like me you probably have a bunch of notes all over the place with holiday ideas for different family members.  I decided that I wanted to keep everything in one place so I set up a little binder that contains a binder envelope (like this one from *** Amazon) that I can put all my receipts in.  I was tired of little pieces of paper thrown in there too so I created a very simple gift list printable.  I print one off per kid, then I have one that I print off for the rest of my gift list recipients.  I will write the kids name in the first box and then list each item, budget amount and actual price I purchased it for.  I also put a check mark or x in the box when it’s been bought.  I won’t use the shipped box but I’ll use that for little notes if needed like where I purchased it so if anything needs to be returned I’ll know what store to find it at and what receipt to look for.   For my other recipients I will use all the boxes and plan accordingly.  Again, it’s a very simple form but one that I use every year and it can even be used for a yearly list for birthday gifts, shower gifts, or any other gift giving purpose.Gift List

    Gift List Printable
    To get your downloadable gift list, please click here!  If you are basic and embrace your basicness, then you should appreciate my lil printable! 🙂

    But wait!  There’s more!  We have a giveaway to help celebrate the holidays with!  How does a $230 Amazon gift card sound to you?  Nice, huh?  Go ahead and enter!  Just follow the Rafflecopter rules and you’re good as entered!  Good luck!

    a Rafflecopter giveaway
    Tomorrow’s prompt is Gift Ideas so be sure to stop by tomorrow to see what I will be offering you! 🙂 And if you want to know more about the 12 Days of Blogmas, check out Girl On The Move Blog and Motherhood and Merlot. They are the fabulous ladies behind the mission! And if you are on Pinterest and would like to follow along there, check out of 12 Days of Blogmas board.


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