Grinch Santa hat cookies

What you will need –


Green food coloring (can omit if just making regular Santa hat)

Whipped Cream – (cool whip in tub)

Mini cookie – I used sugar cookie. Vanilla wafer will work as well.

baggie or piping bag.


How to make –

Place whipped cream into a large bowl and add green food coloring. Mix well. (Skip step is making regular Santa hat cookies.

Slice the tops off strawberries.

I used mini sugar cookies that I had to ice. I wanted something soft and wafers were too hard for what I wanted. I scraped off the icing as well.

Place the whipped cream in a baggie or piping bag. If using a baggie, cut the corner for a small hole.

Pip onto top of cookie in a circle around the cookie, leaving room on edges. Place a small amount in the center.

Top with strawberry. Place a small dot of whipped cream on top of the strawberry.

Be sure to keep cool if not serving right away.