Guest Bloggers Wanted!

Yep, we are looking for YOU! If you are a blogger, mom and/or dad blogger, we want to hear from you! As parents we always have a story to share, an opinion we want others to know about, and products we just can’t (or can) live without. We are very interested in learning about our readers, parents, and writers, which is why we have come to seek you out. What types of stories are we looking for you ask? Well, if you have something to share relating to cooking, recipes, (are you a closet foodie), photography, crafting, behavior, nutrition, balancing your family budget (NOT the federal one), balancing work and home life, raising a healthy child; both emotionally and physically, scoping out fabulous products that you want to spread the word on, fashions for the family that are to die for, want to share your favorite travel experience, have an inside celebrity scoop…getting the picture? Basically anything and everything you experience, we want to share it with our readers!

Now you might be thinking, “That’s great, I have a lot to share, but what is in it for me?”, well, this is the deal. You write it, we will promote it. Here are a few answers to some questions you may (or may not) have:

Linking: We may decide to share related links within your post, adding internal links ourselves. Please limit out going links to 3 per posts (one of them being to your own content within your post) and up to 2 links in your byline.

Image Requirements: Please send a eye-catching photo to use relating to your post. It helps to keep it visual. When crediting photos, please include it’s source. You can supply up to 3 related photos.

The posts that you post on Tots To Teens Magazine become the property of Tots To Teens Magazine and cannot be republished anywhere else. This will protect all parties from duplicated content issues (google). You will be credited as the author of the post.

Editing: We may edit your post for length. If something is removed that you feel is necessary, you are free to add it in the comments section of the post. Please do not be offended if we suggest such changes.

Guest Blogger Category: Your posts will be added to our Guest Blogger category and your name and url will be added to our friends page (top navigational menu will take you to the page).

We are thrilled to be offering this to our readers, parents and writers, so if this has triggered your creative writing juices, we want to be the ones to help you get them out there for the world to read! To get started, please email our team at with GUEST BLOGGER in the subject line (this way it won’t get lost in the email shuffle), and one of our editorial staff will get in touch with you.