I did it! Week 1 is DONE!

If you have been reading, you might remember I had started my own “fake” weight watcher lifestyle journey one week ago today.  I posted my first two days because they were the hardest to get through, then life just got busy and I didn’t have time to post the remaining days, but I am happy to report that I DID IT!!!  I successfully completed my first week on my new lifestyle journey!

I’ve been making a lot of conscious efforts to measure and journal my food intake and it has been an amazing experience so far.  There are some things that I could be doing differently too, like drinking just a bit more water and getting some exercise in during the day, but I wanted to start out small by measuring and journaling.  Next week I will add more water and three days a week of exercise to get me started.   This week I started with a visit to my doctor.  I discovered that I have high LDL cholesterol and need to make some important lifestyle changes.  What perfect timing!  This gives me even more motivation to making some changes!  I do not want to be on meds for the rest of my life if I don’t have to be!  I will also be stocking up on essential vitamins and supplements this coming week!

I am happy to announce that I have lost 2.8 pounds this week!

I will share some of the tools that I have been using so far as you might find them helpful in your own journey as well.   I’ve been using the iTrackBites app to calculate “bite” points and their other app, Restaurant Guide to gather points for many restaurants both sit down & fast food.  They are very similar to Weight Watchers which is why I like them.  Instead of “PointsPlus” they use the term, “BitesPlus”.  You do have to pay for the apps but they are minimal cost in comparison to the expense of joining Weight Watchers or the like.  I don’t like keeping a food journal on my phone, I’d rather write it out so for that, I’ve been using the “I Will Lose Weight This Time!” Diet Journal by Alex Lluch.  It is a spiral bound journal {rather thick} that provides you with rewarding stickers, places to state goals, graph your progress and document your food, beverages, fruits, veggies and vitamins & supplements.  I highly recommend this journal!  It even comes with a smaller “take with you” type of journal that will fit in your purse or brief case.  I also started using the LifeSize containers.  I will share a review of this product in another blog coming soon, but I have been using this system to measure certain foods so I know what a correct “portion” size really is.  Remember, this journey is all about retraining your mind and body portion control.  It is telling you, you can eat anything you want, in moderation and as long as you are eating the right sized meals.

I also have a dry erase board in my office with my 30 days goals.  My first 30 day goal is to lose 8 pounds and I am happily on my way to reaching that goal!