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    It was a Harlem Globetrotter Experience! #GlobieFamily

    Over the holiday break, we had the opportunity to share a family experience with the Harlem Globetrotters {see my previous post}. My two younger kids were beyond excited to see them {even though they didn’t really know who they were until I showed them their promo video} and their tricks. My oldest, ehhh, not so much. She is 14 {that alone should say something like “me+parents=puhleeze”} and she is not really interested in sports {of any kind}, she is more of a “let’s go shopping” kinda girl. The big day arrived and we all piled into the van for our 50 minute road trip to the stadium. The kids were in the back with headphone on so they didn’t have to listen to my husband’s 1980’s-90’s rock music. Ahhhh sweet victory, we finally arrive and it’s a madhouse! Luckily it wasn’t too cold outside because we had to stand in a very long line to get in only to find out our tickets were at a different building all the way around the stadium {special thanks to the parking lot director and their very bad information} and the only way to get to them was to walk…outside…around the stadium! We walk around the building and our eyes got a glimpse at …

    We make our way to Will Call and got our tickets.  We all file into the stadium and locate our seat immediately.  The kids were all smiles and eagerly anticipating Globie and the Globetrotters! There was a brief introduction of Globie {the Harlem Globetrotters mascot}, a few little tricks were performed and the crowd cheered with excitement.

    It’s now time to play basketball!  The kids were all smiles…

    and they were actually having a good time {even the big one is smiling}!  The Harlem Globetrotters were doing what they do best, playing basketball, doing tricks and making kids and adults laugh.

    At this point we all needed a few refreshments and I was elected to go stand in line because everyone else was too busy enjoying themselves.  I wasn’t too thrilled with spending $5.50 PER drink {it was about 12 ounces of soda} and apparently other people in line weren’t too thrilled with it from all the negative comments I was hearing.  BUT, it is a stadium and that is how they make their money, so take it for what it’s worth.  While I was out getting beverages, “balloon” {as the kids called it} Globie took the stage!

    I was even laughing at “balloon” Globie!  We all had such a wonderful experience.  Our family was able to laugh and have fun together, which is something we haven’t done in a really long time.  If you are looking for something to do this winter, be sure to check out when the Harlem Globetrotters will be in a city near you and get your tickets!  I mean, look at this face… don’t you want to see that look on your own child’s face?

    I’d say the Harlem Globetrotters still have it going on…

    Thank you for giving me a wonderful evening with my family!

    Disclaimer: T2T is a Harlem Globetrotter affiliate and there for we received tickets to attent this event, however all posts and opinions are mine and mine alone.

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