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    I’m heading back to school.

    Explain in your own words why Plato and Tolstoy believed art could be “dangerous”.


    WHAT?? Seriously.. What did I get myself into?

    I knew heading back to school was going to be a challenge but no idea this was waiting for me when I turned on the computer this morning. That’s right, I am heading back to school, online classes only, to get a third degree in something. Was thinking an English degree would be beneficial and versatile. Well… I’m rethinking that decision right now. 


    I decided to do online classes with our local college because I felt it would be easier with my little guy at home and could get things done while he was napping or later at night when they are both in bed. Well, that was the plan anyway. I also chose a FLEX term class, lasts only 5 weeks instead of the traditional 5 months. So, now everything is crammed into those 5 weeks and due dates for papers and assignments are daily. 


    First and foremost I am a stay at home mom and my boys come first. So, when he asks me to hold his puppy or help put on his iron man costume, I must stop what I am doing and hold his puppy or help put on his iron man suit. So, that puts a bit of a hinder on my reading and work time. Plus, having to re read the same line five times is a bit of annoying, but if it means fast forwarding through the commercial on the movie he is watching, then so be it. I think the biggest hurdle is actually realizing that this is going to happen not only once, but at least 15-20 in the day. That I need to learn to balance this new addition in my life and find a spot for it. It will not last for ever and neither will be kids be young. So, its a must. 


    Explain in your own words why Plato and Tolstoy believed art could be “dangerous”. Question number one out of 13 questions for our first assignment due. Oh my?!?! Did I mention it was due in 4 days!! Plus, my answer has to be at least 200 words or more. How do I explain this in 200 words? Hmmm… Well, I better get my thinking cap on and get busy. 12 more questions to go. 


    Toni 😉




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