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    InnoWave Band Headphones – Review

    Headphones with InnoWave-ation


    I received the InnoWave headphones to test and review and when they arrived this little lady decided to take them and I had to steal them back to see what they were all about so I can share the info with you all.  Honestly, I was a bit unsure about the “wave” design that was used because of it’s look but it actually grew on me.  After wearing them a couple days I hardly even noticed I was wearing them.  The design is very light weight and didn’t cause that “headband” feel on me which usually ends up giving me a headache.  Now I can see why my daughter took to them so quickly.

    I love the color.  It’s probably my favorite color lately so I seem to find anything that is in that family of blue most appealing.  Its a nice bright blue but they also offer a nice selection of other colors.  But aside from color and style, my most important factor when selecting headphones is overall feel on my ears and the sound quality.

    For the overall feel, again, it was so comfortable on my ears that I forgot I was wearing them.  They fit my ears nicely and they don’t slip off when I’m running around doing housework! 🙂  The cord is flat, not round which I like too but I’m not sure why.  It is nice and long too, about 4 feet long!  OMG the quality and sound had me sold instantly!  I was so surprised at how well they sounded!  The music just seemed to come alive when I was wearing these headphones.  I loved the sound so much I had my husband put them on, my oldest daughter and my son.  We all said the same thing.  It sounds really amazing!

    I have reviewed a handful of headphones and I have to say that these are by far the most comfortable headphones and they pack a punch with sound quality.  They are well made, sound great and feel great.  They are priced at $129.95 making them a more affordable option as well.

    Now, I’m just wondering how I am going to sneak these away from my daughter without her knowing!

    Check them out for yourself!  Visit the INNOWave site to learn more, see more and of course, buy! 🙂


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