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    31 Days of Summer Writing Prompts

    31 Summer Fun Writing Prompts


    Writing Prompts for Summer



    As you know summer is an extremely busy time of year. With graduations, holidays, bbq’s and various outdoor fun, it’s hard to settle down to write when you’ve been running around all day. I decided I wanted to stay active in the blogging world this summer and there for I have created a list of writing prompts, topics, questions and ideas to write about.


    Please feel free to join in! You can pick and choose what works for you. Pick one or pick all…that’s up to you too! It’s summer so have fun with it!  I’ll be starting on July 1 and will write daily for 31 days and I’d love for you to join my Blog Challenge Network Facebook group to gain additional blog support and social media shares for your posts. Be sure to follow Verified Mom on Twitter & Facebook, use the Hashtag #VerifiedMomBCN, share your link and I’ll help promote your blog post!  Easy peasy! 🙂  So…here we go…


    1. Refresh readers or introduce new readers with your updated bio.
    2. How will you be celebrating the 4th of July?
    3. What is your greatest summer memory?
    4. It’s time to light up the grill! Share you favorite BBQ recipe.
    5. What is one thing on your summer bucket list?
    6. Do you have any traveling plans? If not, plan a virtual vacation and share what you find.
    7. What is the summer season like where you live?
    8. Name 3 things you can’t live without during the summer months.
    9. Describe the perfect summer day.
    10. How do you handle summer boredom with the kids?
    11. Share a summer drink recipe.
    12. Staycation plans? Plan something fun to do at home. Share an ideal day, weekend or week all in the comforts of home.
    13. Photos in a day. Share a day in the life of using photos only.
    14. Watch a sunrise or sunset and write about its beauty.
    15. What is on your summer playlist? Share some of your favorite summer tunes.
    16. Do you have a green thumb? Share your favorite gardening tip or garden pic and tell us what it means to you.
    17. Caption this….post a pic and let others caption it for you.
    18. What is your best summer money saving tip?
    19. What are you wearing today? Share your summer outfit trend!
    20. List your 10 most favorite foods that remind you of summer.
    21. What have you done for yourself this summer? We focus on our family a lot during the summer, but do something nice for yourself and tell us about it.
    22. If you could spend summer anywhere, where would you like to spend it?
    23. How have you stayed active this summer? Share a summer fitness tip, or ways that you have been able to stay swimsuit ready.
    24. Watch and review a summer blockbuster movie.
    25. Feeling crafty? Share a summer craft. It can be kid-friendly, home decor, etc…you pick!
    26. Share your summer reading list, or a summer kids reading list.
    27. Review or share your favorite summer related product/s.
    28. Water fun…share how you use water in the summer. Do you beach it, pool it, sprinkle it, hose it or just drink it?
    29. Share your favorite summer dessert recipe.
    30. It’s a Pinterest Summer. Share your favorite pin! Was it a success or fail?
    31. What has made you the happiest this summer?
    For a printable version click here.


    31 Summer Themed Writing Prompts


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