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    My Summer Playlist 2015 #VerifiedMomBCN

    Here’s What’s On My Playlist –

    What’s On Yours?


    Music Playlist





    We love music in our house so there is always something being played.  With three kids, a husband and myself here, we all have very different tastes in music.  My son is more into EDM and is always creating beats with something.  My oldest daughter loves indie artists and loves to discover the undiscovered before they become mainstream.  My youngest daughter is more of a top 40’s kinda girl.  My husband is into rock, classic and new rock.  Myself, I change my music style up based on my moods.  Some days I feel very top 40’s, some I feel very old school 80’s, some I feel country {usually after I’ve watched the TV show Nashville, lol}, and lately I have been loving the indie pop/rock artist such as Meg Myers, Rachel Taylor and Banks.  


    Music is very important to my health.  Yes, it can instantly pick me up when I need it.  Somedays I am just dragging and I’ll pop on Pandora or iTunes Radio and just blast it.  I love having different playlists for different moods. But since this is my summer playlist, I am going to share the top 10 songs {in no particular order} that I enjoy listening to.


    1.  Rachel Taylor – Porcelain

    2.  Banks – Waiting Game

    3.  Beckah Shae – Without You

    4.  Meg Myers – After You

    5.  Meiko – Walk By

    6.  Zella Day – Hypnotic  

    7.  Tove Lo – Talking Body

    8.  Marina And The Diamonds – Lies

    9.  Skylar Grey – Final Warning

    10. Banks – You Should Know Where I’m Coming From


    Now if you ask my what’s on my playlist in another week or so, it will probably be completely different but that’s the beauty of music.  You can change it as often as you need to, or you can stick to one genre like my husband.  For 26 years, as long as I’ve known him, it’s always always been alternative rock.  I like variety.


    I love learning about new music and artists so tell me, what’s on your playlist? 
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    1. Here is my confession: I don’t know a single song on your playlist! I’ve heard of one of the bands but never heard any of these songs. I’ll be checking them out though!

      • I wouldn’t have know them either if it wasn’t for my oldest. She is always introducing me to new artists with her unique sense of musical style. Then I find one I like and plug it into Pandora or iTunes Radio. Have fun exploring! 🙂

      • OH! I just found a new(er) life song, you know the one that you want to describe your life? LOL Well check out I Lived by OneRepublic. It is now my most favorite song. I was even singing it in my office and my daughter told me later that she heard me singing and I wasn’t even tone deaf and that I actually sounded like I was on key. WHA??? Who knew I could sing! LOL 😉

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