Season of Summer?

What is Summer Season like where you live?

 Season of Summer Weather


I’ll tell you, right now I don’t know what our summer season is like anymore.  In years past the kids were joyfully let out of school for summer vacation in the middle of June and went back at the tail end of August or even beginning of September.  For some reason over the years school has let out earlier and they went back to school earlier.  They now get out of school the end of May and return the middle of August.  Anyone knows that prime summer weather is July to September.  Over the years we have ditched our bathing suits and started wearing sweatshirts in June. 


Take today for instance.  It is July 7th and it’s 68 degrees right now.  Really?  68 degrees in July!!  That means there is no swimming outside for my kids.  I am beginning to wonder if I should invest in a pool heater so we can maximize our pool at least!    Normally we can run around in shorts when it starts to hit 60 degrees but for summer vacation, I expect more. 


Lately this season all we’ve seen is stormy skies and wet pavement.  It’s been a very boring summer spent indoors.  We aren’t getting tan, glowing skin and feeling the sunshine on our faces is becoming few and far between.  Gone are the days of sweating and running through the sprinkler.  Now we are outside in shorts and sweatshirts and snuggling by the firepit with a blanket.  I am not a fan of super hot weather so for me, a nice 75-80 degrees is perfect, but once it reaches the 60’s, I’m not as happy.


Please tell me where you live it’s a balmy 80-90 degrees and you are out enjoying the summer sun and all the water you can tolerate.  I really want to live in a warm climate one day.  Where would you suggest?



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