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    Say goodbye to Debit Cards!

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    With the latest security breach revolving around debit cards and credit cards {Home Depot, Jimmy Johns, Target}, I have decided that I will no longer be using my debit card…anywhere. Yes, the convenience is nice, but the risks of identity theft far outweighs its convenience factor.




    I love cash. Why wouldn’t I want to carry it? With all that’s going on, I might even bring back the “checkbook”…remember those?  Will it be more challenging, yes.  Will it help keep things on track with our finances, yes.  Will it make me feel more in control of my spending and my finances, yes.  Will I have to go into a gas station and pre-pay for my gas in the cold, midwest winters, yes.  Will I be happy about it, no.  However, in the long run, I can’t imagine what others are going through who have had their cards compromised.  I would much rather be inconvenienced for the peace of mind knowing I have done all I could to prevent it from happening to me and my family.


    Quite a few years back my husband fell victim to identity theft and it wasn’t a fun experience.  I know he won’t like having to get out of his car to get gas in the winter, but I’ll just kindly remind him of what we had to go through when we first got married and all the crazy crap going on now and I bet he’ll think twice about using that debit card.


    What do you think needs to be done?  Will you be turning to cash more frequently now that every where you turn, another store experiences a security breach?




    1. In order to use some services, I have to complete transactions online, so instead of using my debit card, I use a prepaid card. I also use it for dining out. This is the most cautionary measure I can see working for now considering the amount of hacking and fraudulent behavior out there.

      I prefer not to carry cash because it’s mentally easier to part with when it comes to purchasing convenience items. I would think twice about buying a cup of coffee if I had to swipe my card for $2 vs. pulling out a little cash. I don’t know what the best solution is but I can’t see life without the card payment system right now.

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