Interview: Susan Mershon, Comprehensive Virtual Solutions

Comprehensive Virtual Solutions is a small business created by Susan Mershon to support your small business. Most business owners and entrepreneurs juggle all the daily needs of their business. They are CEO, sales manager, marketing director, customer service representative, bookkeeper and administrative assistant. Not to mention they work nights and weekends! This doesn’t leave much time to grow a business. We are a virtual assistant firm providing a variety of services to assist you with running your business. Partnering with us allows you the time and energy to concentrate on growing your business.

The benefits of outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant are limitless. Here are a few of the top reasons our customers use our services:

• Time Saved. Outsourcing your work to an experienced professional allows you the freedom to focus on generating new business and taking care of your clients.

• Money Saved. A Virtual Assistant requires no agency fees, recruiting expenses, benefits, training or office overhead/equipment.

• Pay As You Go. With a Virtual Assistant, you pay only for the services rendered, when you need them. Their schedules are flexible and they can work within your unique deadlines and budget.

• Peace of Mind. You can take confidence in knowing your work is being managed by an expert who is also a small business owner.

• A Fresh Perspective. Virtual Assistants are entrepreneurs who know what it takes to run a business effectively. They’re not an employee, but rather a collaborative partner who fully understands the objectives of their clients and truly cares about their success.

• Added Skills and Equipment. Virtual Assistants offer a diverse skill set and own state-of-the-art software/equipment you may not have at your disposal, saving you valuable money, time and resources.

Our mission is to develop a collaborative partnership with each of our clients and provide them with business solutions that save them time and money, ultimately allowing them to achieve their dreams of growth, increased profitability and success.

After being part of corporate America for over 20 years, Susan Mershon founded Comprehensive Virtual Solutions to fulfill her dream of being her own boss. She has held a variety of positions in her 20 year career in Information Technology, including management, human resources, training and development and project and program management. She is a certified Project Manager through the Project Management Institute. She’s also a wife and mother to two wonderful boys!

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