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    Interview with Mompreneur – MJennings Designs, LLC

    I had the opportunity to interview a wonderful work at home mom,
    Melissa from MJennings Designs, LLC.  MJennings Designs, LLC
    carries fantastic jewelry gifts for moms and her little princess.
    But it goes farther than that, she offers bridal services,
    religious gifts, and you can even host your own jewelry party
    for some great rewards!  
    Here you can read all about Melissa, her business and some tips on
    how you too can follow your life's passion!
    Hope Bracelet
    MWAV: How long have you been a WAHM?
    MJ: 1 year as MJennings Designs, LLC
    MWAV: Tell me a little bit about your business and how you came
    up with the idea. 
    MJ: I make personalized name bracelets and beaded jewelry.
    I started as a hobby when I was waiting for our adoption
    to be final (my son was born in Guatemala) and after he
    came home I "retired" from teaching high school to
    stay home with him.  I decided to turn the hobby I loved
    into a business and that is how MJennings Designs was born!
    MWAV: What did you do prior to owning your own business? 
    MJ: Taught High School
    (Family and Consumer Sciences Education) for 11 years.
    MWAV: How many kids do you have and what are their ages?
    MJ: 1, Peyton (a boy) who is 3
    MWAV: How do you juggle work and family?
    MJ: I am very organized and I use naptime like a planning
    period.  The second Peyton goes down I work hard!  I also
    have a very supportive husband and bead into the night
    to fill orders!
    MWAV: What do you feel has brought the most success
    in promoting your business?
    MJ: Networking on Forums
    MWAV: What has been your biggest challenge?
    MJ:  Time management
    MWAV: What are your 2008 business goals?
    MJ: Expand my business with more avenues of advertising.
    MWAV: Do you have any advice for other WAHM's just starting out?
    MJ: Hard work and determination pays off!
    MWAV: What are you the most proud of?
    MJ: The customer thank you's and repeat business that I have gotten.
    MWAV: What do you feel is the number one pro & number one con of
    working for yourself? 
    MJ: PRO-You set your own hours and work when you want too.
    CON-It takes a lot of hard work to get the business going
    and off the ground.
    Melissa Jennings, Owner and Designer
    MJennings Designs, LLC
    Personalized Name Bracelets and Beaded
    Jewelry Custom Designed For You!
    Visit my website:
    Visit my blog:

    Hope bracelet


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