Introducing: Verified Mom {formerly Tots To Teens Magazine}
You may have already noticed, or guessed it, but Tots To Teens Magazine is now Verified Mom.  You’re probably wondering, why the change?  After thinking long and hard, I decided it was time to put more focus on me…the “Mom”.  


When I started Tots To Teens Magazine, I had figured I’d use it to help my clients at Baby Swags by giving them more exposure for their brands.  It was just another way for me to help them.  It snowballed and from there, I started an online digital magazine.  It was something that I put together 5 times a year.  It, along with Baby Swags was taking over my life.  I had no energy left to focus on anything so all areas started to suffer.  I had a lot of help with Tots To Teens Magazine from my friend, Adina {Mrs. AOK a work in progress}, Toni {creative designs by Toni} and Teryn {Vintage Romance} to which I owe everything to.  They have had my back since I started it and without them, I wouldn’t be where I am right now, that’s a fact!


Why the name, Verified Mom?  The word Verified means, “make sure or demonstrate that (something) is true, accurate, or justified.“, and Mom means, “one’s mother“, so with me having three children {which is a fact, I’m  now “Verified“}, and I am not just “one’s mother“, I am “three’s mother“, making me “Mom“, there for, I am a “Verified Mom“.  Makes sense, right?


What are my plans for Verified Mom?  My plans are to follow my own personal journey as a Verified Mom.  I am now the mom to three children, my daughter who is 15 and a Sophomore in High School, my son who is on the verge of becoming a teen-ager himself, he’s 12.  And, lastly my youngest daughter who has entered the “tween” stage at 9.5.  I’ve spent most of the baby, toddler, younger stages as a WAHM building my brand as the founder and celebrity gifting expert at my company, Baby Swags.  I have shifted focus so many times that it is now time to put that focus on me.  I will be stepping out of my comfort zone and sharing my weight loss & fitness journey, my many baseball travels, my relationships & my spirituality, my home organization {or lack there of lol}, my couponing {which I love a great deal}, my cooking, crafting and partying {not that kind of partying, the kid-friendly kind}, product reviews and of course, my many trials and tribulations as a parent of a tween & two teens!   Key word…”MY“.  And, as I am putting a lot of emphasis on me, I am also going to be featuring other Verified Moms in my new Verified Mom Series.  I will be chatting with WAHM’s, SAHM’s, working outside the home moms, and Celebrity Moms.  I am peeling back the layers and getting to the true roots of Motherhood.


I feel as if my life has truly gone full-circle and I am both so appreciative to my amazing friends, family, readers, and to those who have been placed in my path to help guide me along, and yet, I am very anxious as I am beginning a new phase of life and putting more focus on me and my health and well-being.   This is a road I have not traveled since I was in my teens {and that was a long time ago…just sayin}.


I would love it if you would follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook and join me on my soul-searching journey being a Verified Mom.


Please keep in mind that I am still working on perfecting my blog, so be patient during this transition period.  If you have any questions, or comments, please feel free to contact me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.