Is there such a thing as a PERFECT vacation? Yes, in my mind!

Vacation, what’s that?  I haven’t been on a “real” vacation for about 4 years or so.  Of course you have to have money for a vacation which that’s something this family of five does not have.  So, no money, no time, no vacation, plain and simple.  This got me to thinking.  If I could plan and execute the most perfect vacation, where would I go, who would I see, what would I do, and what would I eat?  Actually it wasn’t that hard to think of because anything would be better than sitting in a Chicago suburb buried in and surrounded by nothing but snow!  Without further ado… Introducing, my dream vacation {the one I see in my mind on what seems like a daily basis lately}:




My ultimate dream vacation is to go to Paris.  It’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to go.  For the longest time, I’ve visioned what it would be like.  I have my doubts about ever making it there, but it’s all perfect in my mind.  The beautiful architecture of the Eiffel Tower, the lights, the romance, the awe.  It’s all so glamourous looking, isn’t it?  Just takes my breath away and I’m not even there.  I bet it looks a lot prettier at night than during the day, but even during the day, the mystery of what the night would bring would be enough to make me smile.  You know, I can speak French in my mind too, so this makes total sense to me! 🙂




During the day I’d love to just walk around the city and see various landscapes, engulf myself in it’s vibrant colors, sneak a feel with my toes and I’d just allow myself to be mesmerized by it’s beauty.




I’d love to walk the street markets and check out all the talented artisans and oh, the food!  I would love to site at a little cafe and enjoy…some tasty, croissants!  




I’d walk around and go shopping too! I’d have to come home with some souvenirs or my kids would kill me!




After shopping,  then I’d head to my rented home…where I’d have the opportunity to go for a nice bike ride around the village {is that what they call them? Villages?  And, do they wear helmets while riding bikes?}.




I’m sure I’d see other sites too but in my mind, this is my perfect vacation and one that I will forever long to go on!


What does your perfect vacation look like?



2 thoughts on “Is there such a thing as a PERFECT vacation? Yes, in my mind!

  1. That sounds really nice, but I don’t have that itch to travel abroad. My perfect vacation would be to pack up our 2 kids and drive to Colorado to see the mountains. I did this with my parents as a kid and would love to share that with my kids too. I also live in Illinois so the idea of getting out of this state is very appealing.

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