{June} Business of the Month & Giveaway – Rock Star Baby – Interview With Tico Torres

Just in time for Fathers Day, we had the wonderful opportunity to interview the man behind the brand, Rock Star Baby‘s, Tico Torres.  You might know Tico as the drummer from….wait for it…. wait for it… Bon Jovi! However, Tico’s talents go far beyond drumming. He is also a self-taught and talented painter, and the man behind the Rock Star Baby brand. If you have not yet seen his Rock Star Baby collection, what are you waiting for?  It is like no other…and there is a reason for that, and a reason why we have selected Rock Star Baby as the business of the month! Read on…

T2T:  What inspired you to create Rock Star Baby?

Tico:  When my friends were having kids, I couldn’t find any cool clothes or accessories, so I decided to make a line that is distinctive, hip…with no pink and blue!


T2T:  Rock Star Babyhas a complete set up for baby from clothing to furniture.  The clothing is sold online and is available here in the US now, but will we be seeing your line of furniture here in the US too and if so, when can we expect to see that happen?

Tico:  We are working on that right now, finding the right partners, etc., so hopefully sometime soon.


T2T:  Organic is starting to become a big movement here in the US, are there any plans for an organic textile Rock Star Baby line?

Tico:  We are aware of importance on being environmentally friendly, all our baby bottles and pacifiers for example are PBA Free.  Step by Step…


T2T:  As a dad, what would you say are essential, must-have’s for babies?

Tico:  HELP – No seriously!  Time is the most important thing, that and a really soft t-shirt.  Ours are the best cottons, wash great and look good on all kids!  I have lots of favorites.  The beanies are HIP!  There is one shirt with the saying… on one side is “SUCK” and the other is “Milk”!!!


T2T:  Shopping for boys has always had its challenges.  What do you think sets your products apart from the others on the market?

Tico:  It’s a clear focused line, simple and to the point.  It’s not confusing with hundreds of choices which makes it easy to shop.  The starter sets…are the best.  They are a great first gift from grandparents and friends.  The line is totally male friendly…geared so men can have a choice in giving too.


T2T:  How do you balance your work as a musician, designer/business man and your life as a dad?  Do you have any tricks or tips you have learned while trying to juggle it all that you can share with our readers?

Tico:  You make the most of the time you have, and make an effort to make the time work.  Sure, sometimes you’d rather be doing something else at certain times but that’s the same for everybody.


T2T:  You have learned and experienced a lot in your life.  We as parents have a lot of influence on our children.  What is the biggest life lesson you would want to teach your son and why?

Tico:  Use your imagination – there are no limits there – it’s a powerful thing.  And of course: “Every Baby Is A Star”
Rock Star Baby is offering one of their Start Sets to one of our lucky readers!  The Starter Set retails for $88.00 and you can select the color of your choice.  You can choose from “A Star is Born” – white, “Gold” – white, “Unplugged” – gray, or “Wild Child” – black.


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