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    Road Trip: To Iowa or Bust!

    It’s so much fun taking road trips isn’t it?  Crammed into a car or in my case a small mini-van, oh yeah, loads of fun.  We had a game at noon in Iowa, so we had to leave around 8am on Saturday morning to give us enough time to get there and get him to the field for an 11am warm up.  The ride was a straight shot and it was a pretty uneventful drive.  Just look how much fun the two kids were having…

    I like how she is fake sleeping still holding the box of Sour Patch Kids….

    I think this was a hawk but it was a pretty big hawk….

    Almost there…yay!  I think we had about 30 minutes left and that is when the two of them started to get a little …uh…uhm…antsy is a nice clean, family friendly word to use here.

    Look we made it!  I am NOT good at taking pictures from a moving vehicle apparently!

    We finally figure out what field we are supposed to go to after driving around for about 20 minutes…so now the kids are uh-uhm-antsy and the parents are frustrated. 😀

    We started playing the Iowa Barnstormer Blowout by playing the BPV Blasters and ended up winning 17-1. After that we played our second game against the Davenport Wildcats and won 11-0.  Our day of play was over and it was time to party!!  LOL, just kidding…we just went back to the hotel (Courtyard by Marriott…again, a very nice hotel… I am loving them)!  We had a very nice dinner (thanks a bunch…you know it hit the spot!!!!), sang happy birthday to little Breanna who celebrated her 2nd birthday with her extended baseball family.  The kids did a little swimming and the Pometta family crashed to get up early (6am…ugh…really????) We had an 8am game…ick!!!

    Here we go…game time: (I am REALLY bad at keeping up with what he does each time at bat… I am going to try and get better at that moving forward). I know he was catching one inning but I don’t know what game it was…my bad….

    Apparently he got on base at some point cause he’s on third…???

    We played the North Scott Vipers and won 18-6.  It was a fun game to watch and the coaches were really nice guys from what we saw in the stands.

    We went back to the hotel to hang out for a bit since our next game wasn’t until 2pm.  We had a late check out and was back at the field at 1pm for warm ups.

    At this point, I’ve lost track of my photos…but we played the Moline Blackhawks and won 15-0 and were on our way to play the North Scott Vipers again for the championship.

    While we killed time between games, the kids played …

    This parents…sat… under Becky’s WONDERFUL canopy that her parents gave her…THANK YOU grandma and grandpa..we all stayed dry…and cool under the shady canopy!!!!!!

    and we all ate…

    Now it’s on to the big game.

    They were doing great…it was pretty competitive in the beginning, then the skies opened up and we started hitting really, really well.  It was a great game overall.  Photos like these are my favorite…just the non-seen moments….

    And then the win… 14-6…we did it! YAY…the boys fought hard on this one and it paid off.  NICE trophies!

    Congratulations again boys!!!  Scott…you are so dang cute…look at you! 🙂

    And finally, as every game ends…they must meet with the coaches post-game…

    Next week we head to Lisle and play The Best of the Midwest Tournament at Benedictine University.  See you soon!


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