Monday, October 2, 2023
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    10U Plainfield Diamond Kings Making Headlines

    Here is a little article that was featured in the Daily Herald at the end of the 10U Plainfield Diamond Kings 2012 season. ...

    Our Winning Season

    Here is a little video that one of the moms put together. It is an end of season must have and it is...

    Road Trip: To Iowa or Bust!

    It's so much fun taking road trips isn't it?  Crammed into a car or in my case a small mini-van, oh yeah, loads of...

    Recap: Tinley Park Memorial Day Tournament

    We kick start the tournament playing the Illinois Sparks - Kubin and it was a close game...neck and neck until the end.  After 6...

    Recap: Yorkville Reds Rumble

    I have no idea where my photos are from this tournament. All I have are I think the last game and they weren't much....

    Lock ‘N Load Championship Day

    Back for a rematch, we played the Highland Heat once again this morning.  It was a nice, quick game.  We won as a result...

    Cardinal Sin… I forgot my camera!

    I can't believe I did it, but it's true... I forgot to bring my camera to the rest of the tournament.  You will just...

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