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    Recap: Tinley Park Memorial Day Tournament

    We kick start the tournament playing the Illinois Sparks – Kubin and it was a close game…neck and neck until the end.  After 6 innings it was tied so we had to go to a “sudden death” type of thing (some California Rule thing…???) Anywho…we ended up winning that and the final score was 10-8!  Thank goodness…that was a close one!

    I took pictures of Scott but they were all blurry so I am not even going to bother with those, but I do have a really cute picture of Gianna and her friend Andrew watching the game…or playing I should say…in a tree!

    My mind was a little preoccupied because Alyssa was graduating from 8th grade the same week as this tournament so I am not sure what pictures are what.  Not only that but I was using two different cameras so I think some Alyssa uploaded to her laptop and then deleted from the SD card.  I do have some so if I ever get them onto my Mac, I’ll add them…I had a really good one of Connor Gill (I think) getting ready to slide into home, but sadly he was out. Boo….but, I’ll post what I can from championship day.   Ok, so I’ll get back to the scores… we played Tinley Park Bobcats and won 6-5, we played the Plainfield Edge – Fritz and won, 12-2, then we played the Tinley Park Bobcats – Leconte and won 12-0, and lastly, the St. Joe’s Bombers.

    Here are the boys waiting to play their championship game.

    Here goes the championship game… I love the concentration on his face, it’s priceless!

    Then the win…we won, beat St. Joe’s 10-0.

    The team…

    The Parents…

    The team trophy is half the size of Scott, lol!

    Now we move on to an out of State tournament…we are headed to IOWA!  WOOHOO!!  See you all next week!



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