15 Last Minute Gifts For Everyone in the Family

This is it!  I wanted to share with you these 15 last minute gifts for everyone in the family!  You’re crunched for time and you need to get something fast!  Since I have a husband, a teenaged daughter, a teenaged son, a tween daughter, and myself, I will share some of my last minute gift ideas for everyone in the family!  The 15 last minute gifts I am going to share with you are all inexpensive and practical.  Let’s get shopping!  

15 Last Minute Gifts

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Last Minute Gifts for Hubby

Retrogaming Atari and Sega
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Last Minute Gifts for Wifey



The Tinley in Light Tan at Funktional Wearables
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Last Minute Gifts for the Teen-Age Daughter

Francesca's products for teens last minute Christmas gifts
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Last Minute Gifts for the Teen-Age Son


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Last Minute Gifts for the Tween Daughter


Crayola Jewel Maker
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I hope you enjoyed the 15 last minute gifts that I have shared with you.  These gifts are really great not only for Christmas gifts but for any gift you want to give throughout the year.  What’s your favorite gift to give or receive?  Please share in the comments!