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    Leap Year Fun with Kids

    We’re getting an extra day tomorrow… why not make the most of it, it only happens every four years.

    Okay your kids have at one time or another brought these frogs home in a goodie bag… and if they haven’t you can find these relatively cheap at party stores or $1 bins at most stores.  You now have a use for these little frogs– make a game out of them. Grab a piece of printer paper, a ruler, and a marker.  Have each player make their frog leap, measure each players’ frog leap (marking with marker) see who leaped the furthest.

    Keeping with the frog theme, how about having your kiddos act like froggies and have them leap from pillow to pillow on the floor like frogs on lily pads.


    Okay..okay… I totally have a thing for frogs so I’m running with the frog themed leap year 🙂

    {at my house we are learning all about frogs}

    These cupcakes are adorable and I’m sure your kiddos will have fun making them– the recipe can be found here.

    Look for free printable online there are plenty for frogs here is one we found with a leaping frog.

    Lastly, have your kids draw what they think they will look like next Leap Year and save for next time 🙂


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