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    Leaving Kids in Cars…HOW NOT TO!

    I’m sure you have heard of people leaving their children in hot cars and how dangerous, deadly in fact, it can be.  It seems to be a growing epidemic!  Last year it was reported that 43 children died from heat stroke after being left in hot cars.  As new parents, getting used to a new routine or just adjusting to being a parent can be very overwhelming.  Most parents do not wish to leave their children in deadly hot cars and there is a product on the market that aims to help with their proactive child safety measures.  The ChildMinder SoftClip & Key Ring System is the perfect product for parents that will help avoid them unintentionally leaving their child in the car.

    Baby Alert ChildMinder

    How does it work?  First you will attach the SoftClip to your child’s car seat harness straps using the openings on the SoftClip.  You will then need to activate your key ring.  To do that, secure your child into the car seat.  Be sure to fasten the SoftClip and the when that is done, the device will beep and you will see a green LED flashing.  Once that is done, you must hold the center button on the key ring.  That will stop the beeping coming from the SoftClip.  Your SoftClip will then have a red flashing LED light and you will see the red light on your key ring as well.  You have now reached your destination.  If you leave your child fastened in his/her car seat, the key ring will beep within 8 seconds after you have reached a separation distance of 15 feet from the activated SoftClip.  The key ring is programmed to beep until the SoftClip is opened and your child is removed or 8 seconds after the key ring and SoftClip device is returned within 15 feet.  Either way, the key ring beep is loud enough that you cannot possibly not hear it.  To deactivate the SoftClip you release the SoftClip by pulling the two sides apart.

    It is super easy to install and comes in white, blue or pink.  The system retails for $80.00 and could be a life saving tool which is priceless!  Be sure to check out other Baby Alert International products too!


    1. Wow this is great, I hate when I hear on the news someone leaving their kids in the car. I get why someone thinks it’s ok when they are just running in the house but no need to. Sure it takes extra time but worth it to me.

    2. Of course we all like the idea of saving a child from being left behind, but if this device is the only thing keeping a parent from forgetting their child in a dangerous or possibly lethal situation then that parent needs to rethink being a parent. I’m not saying that I have never forgotten something important a day in my life, but this is not just leaving milk to spoil in the car, this is a living breathing human who should always be on your mind.

      I think this would be a more sensible product if it was something attached directly to the child. That way it would not matter what the situation was, you would be notified if you were more than 15 feet apart for any reason.

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