Summer NOT so fun – Mosquito Bites! After Bite to the Rescue!

This past weekend was 4th of July here in the States and while it always proves to be a great time, the one thing we can do without is mosquito bites! When planning for summer fun, you also have to plan for insect bites because they are bound to get you one way or another. We were sent Natrapel insect repellent and Soothing After Bite Treatment to test out and that is exactly what we did this past weekend!

natrapel by Tender Corp

With three kids, two of which are natural bug attractors, we gave them a good spray down of Natrapel before we went out to have our 4th of July evening fun. Natrapel is a pump spray that is a DEET-free insect repellent that provides approximately 8+ hours of protection from those nasty lil flying critters biting you as well as ticks attaching themselves to you. It is 1 oz. size so it is the perfect size when traveling by plane and fits great in purses or totes! For only $3.99 it works great and is highly recommended. The larger size, 3.4 oz. is $5.99.


After Bite Itch Eraser


In the case of two of my children who are natural bug magnets, you sometimes can’t get into every nook and cranny, however, those insects sure know where to go! In the event of a bug bite, like my poor Gianna gets all the time, we applied the After Bite Kids Soothing Lotion {also $3.99} for kids and it worked great for her. A teeny tiny lil sting at first but as soon as the lotion was worked in, she didn’t have the urge to scratch it and the healing process was cut down as well. She’s like her mom and swells up after getting mosquito bites so to see this work so well on her, I was really impressed and amazed. My oldest also received one, only one little bite on her arm and we used After Bite New & Improved {also $3.99} and she too soon forgot that she even was bit. With these items in your summer essentials kit, you will have a happy, fun-filled, insect-free summer but if not totally insect free, at least you will be armed with quick-fix treatments for the whole family!  We will be sure to pack these in our suitcases as we head to Florida later this month!

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How about you?  Do you swell up from insect bites?  What do you use to combat the bite?