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    Funky Colored Flames & Candles Make Parties Fun!

    We hosted two parties for my oldest daughter and was able to test and review a couple of really cool products.  She wanted to have friends over {she’s now 16 eeks} and have a pool party, bonfire, make smores, have pizza, etc… and we did just that.  When it was time for the bonfire we tested out the Funky Colored Flames!  It was so fun!  Of course, the package says to place all three in the fire together for optimal color brightness but we thought it would be fun to reserve the fun for three separate occasions so we just added one.

    All the kids had fun watching {mesmerized is a better word} the flames shoot up in every which way flickering hints of green {though capturing the color on film and video makes it appear blue}.  The color lasted a decent amount of time and it did get a lot of positive feedback from the teens.  You know, teens can be quite picky and very opinionated but with the Funky Colored Flames, they were all in agreement, it was awesome, cool and different were some of the words I heard flying around!
    Take a look for yourself:

    We also tried the Funky Colored Candles for her birthday cake! That was the talk of the day with all the parents! They thought {the kids did too} that is was so neat how the flames were different colors! I have to admit, it was pretty neat. I’ve seen candles that don’t blow out, or sparkler type candles, but I haven’t tried the colored flame candles before and I think they turned out to be a bit hit!  You can see the pink, yellow, blue ones really well, but there were also green and purple mixed in there that you can sort of see.  Again, in person, they are a nice vibrant display of color.  We loved them!

    funky colored candles

    On a side note, happy 16th birthday to my beautiful daughter!

    Have you ever tried any of the products from Funky Colored Collection? If not, you really should! They are available at Walmart stores across the USA & Canada and retail for $4.99. We did receive the Funky Colored Flames and Funky Colored Candles for the sole purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are those of Tots To Teens Magazine.

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