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    Summer Fun: Zoingo Boingo Pogo – Say Wha?

    There are many ways for kids to get out and play and the new Zoingo Boingo Pogo from Goliath Games is one of the super fun ways to not only have fun, but to get some extra exercise in!  It’s made for kids 8 and up and is serious bouncing fun!  Kids can bounce, do 360 spins, change directions all while smiling and laughing away.  At first, it was a little hard to figure out, but once we got the basics down, there was no stopping Gianna {who is 9}.  She uses this in the house and outside and has fun every time she gets on it.  Take a look for yourself….


    We can’t get enough of this toy!  It is serious fun and is a great form of exercise too!  Kids {and moms} love it!  Its the perfect product for our Summer fun series!

    Zoingo Boingo Pogo by Goliath Games retails from $39.95 and is available at Amazon & Toys R Us. For more information on this product and many other great games, visit Goliath Games.



    *We did receive a sample of this product for testing and reviewing purposes only.  All views and opinions are those of Tots To Teens Magazine.

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