Leprechaun Lunch

I know we just celebrated Valentines Day, but I love to plan ahead. So, our next holiday is St. Patrick’s Day and I found this super awesomely cute Leprechaun Lunch that would be perfect for a snack, treat, or even class gifts! Hmmm, that gives me an idea!! LOL

I found these adorable snacks over at Bloom Designs.

What you will need:

Pop corn

White Chocolate melts or morsels




How to make:

Pop the pop corn and spread on a foil lined cookie sheet. (Be careful not to mix in the unpopped kernels)

Melt the chocolate and pour over popped pop corn and mix well.

Sprinkle with the sprinkles. DO NOT MIX.

Once mix has set, about an hour, add M&Ms.

Serve or wrap for individual gifts.

I do plan on making these special treats myself. So, be sure to check out my future post to see how these come out!!!