{DIY} Water Bottle Super Hero Capes

Want something to spruce up those plain old water bottles for your upcoming super hero party??? Well, check out these super cute and super stylish capes I made for my son’s 4th super hero birthday party.

These are super easy and super quick and super cheap to make! Plus, they give your party that little extra something special!

I purchased several 8×10 sheets of red and blue felt from Hobby Lobby. 4 sheets for $1.00

I freehand traced an outline of a cape that would fit to the bottle. Lots of eye bawling, adjusting, and measurements.

Once I had a good fit, I cut each one out, making sure the top of the cape was rounded and not squared or cut straight across.

After the capes were cut, I traced the out line of the lid in the top of the round part and then cut the hole out.

Then put on the capes! The felt will stretch a bit, so no need to be perfect.


One thought on “{DIY} Water Bottle Super Hero Capes

  1. Love this idea! Having difficulty getting it right, do you happen to have an traceable outline? Thanks!

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