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    Lifesize me!

    I have been having so much fun with my new dietary tool.  If you haven’t heard of it, you should look into it.  It’s pretty cool.  As you know, many of us eat portions that are big enough to feed 3 people.  What we have been told over and over again, in order to lose weight, you need to move more, eat less.  By eating less, you have to look at your portions.  When you look at the portions you put in your cereal bowl or dinner plate, are you really looking at the right size portions?  Probably not.  We visualize what we “think” is the right size portion and just go with it.  At least that is how it is in my case.  Welcome Lifesize Portion Control Kit.

    What is Lifesize?  The Lifesize Portion Control Kit comes with all that is pictured above and is a great tool that we all should have.  It helps to train you, and your eye, on what is the right size portion for what ever type of food you want to eat.  It isn’t about removing certain foods from your diet, it’s about the right portion sizes.  We had so much fun with this and continue to do so.  I have only been using it for a couple weeks, but using this tool in addition to a consistent work out routine, I can already see some positive changes in my body.  Not only my body, but my kids are having fun using this tool as well.  They get excited to measure their food to see what is the exact portion for green beans, or mashed potatoes, or even a pie of pie or brownie.  They will measure their cereal…

    Two scoops of cereal and three scoops of milk is the perfect size! 🙂 With the Lifesize Portion Control Kit you will get an “at a glance” wall chart that you can keep handy to aid in your measuring and each utensil is properly marked so that you know exactly what tool should be used to measure certain foods.  For example, there  is a measuring container that is marked  “C” for Carbs.  The “at a glance” chart will tell you how many containers you should use for different types of foods.  For instance,  if you are eating pasta as a side dish, you would fill one “C” container and that would be your side.  If you are eating it as a main entree, you would fill up two “C” containers and that would be all you should eat.  It’s a fairly simple process if you take the time to work with it.  You will also receive a Ready, Set, Go dvd and a motivating Keep Going dvd as well as the written materials on a dvd.  The only thing that was a bit much was the base.  It does take up some space but my theory is, if you have it out and visible, you will use it, and I do.  It does have the ability to be hung on your wall so if you have some extra wall space in your kitchen or cooking area, this might be a good option.

    Here is another example of how we can simply cut calories by using the Lifesize Portion Control Kit.

    You see…it’s that simple! Every house should have a Lifesize Portion Control Kit!  I am going to continue to use this system and I will update periodically so that you can see exactly how I am doing and what type of results I receive after I retrain myself on proper portions.  The Lifesize Portion Control Kit retails for $79.95 and can be purchased on their website,  You can also follow Lifesize Portion Control on Twitter and Facebook.

    Now you can have your cake and eat it too!

    This product was provided by Lifesize Portion Control in exchange for our honest review.
    All opinions stated are my own.


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