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    My Disney Side Party Box

    WOW! I can not believe this! My show your Disney Side party box has arrived! I get to partner with Disney, American Tourister, and HP to throw a great party at home and share it with the world. Yes, that’s right, they want ME to have a party, using their products and then share the photos all over their website, twitter, and Facebook accounts. I could not be more happier about this! 


    My box arrived with this amazing purple American Tourister suitcase! They sent these suitcases to all their hosts as a thank you gift! I love it. Its purple and super great! 



    The suitcase was filled with all the party essentials I need to throw a super great party!! Plates, cups, napkins, tablecloths, and more.



    I also received packs of HP photo paper, cookie cutters, and iPhone case, bands, measuring cups, snacks, and lots more. 



    I am so excited to get started planning the awesome party and can’t wait to show everyone! 



    Toni 🙂 

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