National Yellow Dot Program & Vial of Life

With spring break and summer vacation right around the corner, it is to be expected that road trips will be had. If you haven’t head of the National Yellow Dot Program, you really should educate yourself on their mission to save lives.

The National Yellow Dot Program Kit has everything first responders need to know about the driver and passengers medical information. This information is crucial during medical emergency treatments.

Each kit is available at and comes with a 3″ laminated and fade-resistant bright yellow window decal and a heavy duty, bright yellow plastic pocket. Place the yellow decal on the left rear (driver’s side) window and put the yellow plastic pocket with all your family members medical information inside the glove compartment. Upon their arrival, medical personnel can obtain your medical history and might be able to treat you better knowing that they have your medical history at their fingertips. They can see whether or not you have medical allergies, heart conditions, or other important health related issues.

Another good addition to your medical emergency kit would be to add the Vial of Life organizer too.  The Vial of Life organizer allows you to keep all of the papers needed in the event of an emergency all in one easy-to-find spot.  I bet you didn’t know this, but emergency personnel are trained to look on the top of your refrigerator for the Vial of Life.  It is a sturdy vinyl pocket that holds 10 pages of documents and it has a pocket on the front to slide in a photograph or any additional contact information for added identification.  Both are inexpensive and a major must have for all homes!

Vial of Life pockets range from $1.09 to $2.99 each.  They also have one for pet owners to store their pet records as well.   You can download free emergency medical forms from so when you need to update your information, it’s only a click away.


Hope you and your family have safe travels this summer!