our season has come to an end

It’s been a great season! I enjoyed spending all my weekends with my friends and family all while watching my sweet boy play a game he loves, baseball. The team did an amazing job by playing 59 games and winning 54 of them! They played in 13 tournaments and won 10! How many teams can honestly say they’ve done that? The Plainfield 10U Diamond Kings, that’s who! I will be back tracking and updating this site as we were quite busy and I just completely didn’t have time to keep it going when I thought I would. We will also be uploading the teams end of season video! It was a great video that one of the moms put together to highlight some of the boys best times! Thanks Deanne for putting that together! It is certainly fun to watch..over and over..and over again!

A special thanks to all the family and friends who showed up for Scott throughout the season! Meme & Bapa, Grandma & Jake, Uncle Tony & kids, and of course, our third fake daughter, Marisa. It was a fun season and we hope to duplicate it again next year!