Pick and Draw

We received the Pick and Draw deck of cards by Rich Davis to test out and share our thoughts with you. As soon as I saw them, I knew my children were just going to love them and fact is, they did. They are just like a deck of cards only it requires your child to use their creativity and imagination and they are extremely easy to take with you where ever you go!

The cards are color coded for 5 facial categories, red is Face, green is Nose, Purple is Eyes, blue is for Mouth and orange is for Hair. The object is to get the kids (and admittedly, adults) to create their own cartoon-ish character using the cards as their guides.

We separated the colors and put the colored side faced up and fanned them out like you were playing Go Fish. The kids would pick one up from the pile and have to draw that shape on their piece of paper. They would go through all 5 colors, then create their characters ears.
When they were done, they would name their ‘guy’ and they would try to create a body (not shown) using their imagination and creativity. When they were completely finished, I asked them what their guy’s name was, what they did for a living if they had kids, and we created a whole little life for their guy. It was fun to watch their imaginations at work, and it kept them busy for a long time making a paper mountain of guys and girls from their deck of cards.

I personally LOVE these cards! This is a great gift to include in your child’s Easter basket for sure! It is reasonably priced at $10.00 a deck. Get a couple of them and give them to your Godchild, niece, nephew, or even one of your own friends! They also would make unique birthday gifts for kids, great goody bag treats (in place of spending all that money on sugary treats our kids can do without!). There are so many other options for this cool deck of cards…great for traveling on a plane, train, or even the car! I kid you not, your children will have so much fun with them!  RUN to Pick and Draw now to get your deck!

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