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    Quick child’s room update.

    A few years ago, 2 to be exact, we were waiting patiently for our youngest son to be born. In the meantime, we had to prepare our oldest son for his new big boy room. He had a beautiful under the sea nursery which I loved so much! But, sadly, he was growing up and changing rooms. We needed the room closest to ours for the new baby. He would be moving into, what was at that time, the play room. Bare white walls and toys. That was all that was in the room.

    I saw in a magazine this nursery bedroom set that was in a room that had fab walls!!! I knew it was probably just manufactured to look that way for the magazine, but I just had to recreate this wall!! So, being 7 months pregnant and on bed rest, I enlisted my husband to do all the work. Which wasn’t much. To recreate this new bedroom look, we spent under $100.00, but transformed the room completely.

    Before: Our bare white walls were begging for something!

    After: We added a wood treatment and paint to make his wall spectacular!



    2×4 wood planks. (Qty depends on size of room, length up the wall, and how many walls you will do). We did the entire room a little more then half way up.

    Nails, hammer, chaulk, level, saw, tape measure.



    To re create:

    Optional –  we began with a large piece for new floor molding around perimeter of room before we began the wall treatments.

    1. Measure out the area to be decorated with tape measure. Be sure to measure perimeter of room and from mid wall to floor.

    2. Measure the 2×4 that will be placed horizontal on wall (chair molding height).

    3. Using a level, secure wood into place.

    4. Continue measuring, cutting, and securing into place around the entire room or area you are doing.

    5. Measure and cut wood that will go vertical (Between floor molding and chair molding).

    6. Level and secure in place.

    7. Using chalk, fill in gaps and seams between wood pieces.

    8. Once chaulk has dried, paint the top, untouched wall, one color and the bottom, another color.

    9. Viola!!!! Quick update to spruce up a boring room!!!!

    Optional – We drilled some holes into the horizontal wood and added some wood pegs for hanging items. The Dino back pack and train conductor hat.

    (Majority of the decor items came from his nursery and repainted. Others had been collected over the two years or made my me to match his room.)

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