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    Ross Dress For Less – My Challenge & Giveaway


    I was presented with a little challenge and we all know I love a good challenge!  I was sent a $25 gift card that could be used to score some back to school bargains by shopping at my local Ross Dress For Less.

    Me, my three kids, and my $25 gift card walked into Ross Dress For Less knowing we would find something for everyone, and Ross did not disappoint.  We had so much fun exploring each department!  I won’t go into too many details about each department, but you can see just how much fun we had by taking a peek at our Back to School Mini-Guide.  I swear, my kids have me laughing {usually} every where we go and I really need to get my youngest in commercials!  While we were there, I had each child go into their respective departments and find different things they liked.  Scott being a boy and really not all that into fashion comes back with SOCKS!  Yes, a package of socks.  Nothing exciting, just a 6pk of ankle/crew socks $6.99 {that you can also see in our Back to School Mini-Guide}.

    Now the girls know where it’s at, especially the teenager.  She came back with 4 different items.  I had her pick her favorite and this is what she decided on…

    Taupe/Back Aztek Sweater


    and while my youngest daughter was shopping she came across a shirt for herself…

    Gray/Black striped V-Neck short sleeved tee


     We met at the cash registers to check out and I was pleasantly surprised that we totaled $26.97 {before tax} for three items that the kids picked out on their own {even though one picked out socks…who voluntarily picks out socks?} anyway, the kids had a lot of fun doing some of their own shopping and I was happy that we were able to keep our total as close to the $25 gift card amount.  Now, on a side note, my oldest did find two other shirts that she just “had to have”, so on my own, I did buy those for her too…hook, line, and ….

    The lovely folks at Ross Dress For Less wanted one lucky reader to receive their own $25 gift card to do some back to school shopping of their own!  {I hope your son picks out something other than socks… I just can’t get over that…}  So, what do you need to do to enter?  Follow the instructions below and keep in mind that this is only for US residents and the prize will be sent to you direct from Ross Dress For Less.   We will notify the winner via email.  The winner will have 48 hours to respond to our email.  If no response is receive, we will select a new winner.



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