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    Quick and Easy Bathroom Organization

    Need to organize a space in your home but not sure what to do or how to get started? A few weekends ago I decided to tackle my bathroom storage needs. Usually I am pretty organized and have a spot for everyone. But, this organizational skills was lacking in our bathroom cabinet. I didn’t realize how big of a mess it really was. Here is our before pic:

      I made a quick trip to HomeGoods and purchased this set of great items.

    (The blue tower and metal baskets are being used elsewhere.)

    Set of 3 wicker baskets was only $12.99 and the 2 white glass cup/vases were on clearance for only $3 each!

    Here is what we did to organize the cabinet.

    1. Remove everything out of the cabinet. All shelves, all items.
    2. Throw away anything expired, out of date, non working condition, and anything not needed.
    3. 1st basket filled with all medicines, creams, bandaids, extra toothbrushes, floss, etc. Placed in cabinet
    4. 2nd basket filled with my goodies. Hair ties, razors, makeup, what little I have, beauty products. Placed on next shelf.
    5. 3rd basket filled with extra items and hubbies few things. LOL, I know that sounds mean, but most of his items are in the medicine cabinet ready to grab.
    6. Placed the few remaining items that are too large to fit into the basket neatly next to the baskets on the shelves.

    The finished product!


    So much more organized and no longer so chaotic!

    For the counter update it was very simple.


    Using the white glass cups/vases, I placed toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, etc into one for each of use. Cleaned off all unneeded items.


    Simply took around 30 min to organize and $19.

    Toni 🙂


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