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    Scooch 4 in 1 Cell Phone Case

    Scooch 4 in 1 Cell Phone Case

    Favorite Finds #5

    Scooch has come up with a great product that is multipurpose and if you know me, you know I love things that solve more than one problem!  Have you ever tried propping your phone up on something so that you can watch a video or facetime only to have it keep falling over or sliding down?  How about when you’re in the car and you’re fumbling around trying to read a map on your phone making you easily distracted?  OR if you’re holding your phone and somehow it jumps out of your hand and falls onto the floor?  Well Scooch has taken care of those problems for you.  The Scooch Clipstic Pro is a 4 in 1 case that allows you to be handsfree when you need to be while protecting your cellular device.  

    Clipstic Pro by Scooch

    1. Mount it – you can use the flexible clip to insert into your car vent allowing you to be hands free while your map guides you to your destination safely!
    2. Grip it – you can use the flexible clip for added security while holding your phone.  Simply slide it between your fingers and grip away!
    3. Kick it – you can extend the clip allowing your phone to rest on it so you can watch Netflix or Facetime with the kids.  You can rest your phone either horizontally or vertically so that is a win win for me!
    4. Protect it – this is by far the most important!  You don’t want to ruin a cell phone that seriously costs you $600-$700 dollars, now do you?  I think not!  I love this because it has the extra corner bumper and the little lip that covers the face of the phone so that if it should fall, you know you have ample protection.

    I also love the sleek and slim design.  I can’t stand bulky phone cases and this one is perfect for me in all areas.  I liked it so much that when my mom saw me using it, she wanted one!  The Scooch Clipstic Pro comes in 4 colors (I have the gold as shown) Gold, Black, Steel Blue and Turquoise.  They retail for $39.99 – $44.99 and are available on the Scooch website.

    Thank you Scooch for allowing us to review this product!  We are a new fan!

    What type of phone case do you like?  Do you have a particular brand or style that you seem to be drawn to?  Let us know in the comments below!




    1. This looks cool but I have an iPhone 5S and the case doesn’t look like it covers the top or bottom of the phone. I’d like protection all the way around my phone.

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