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    Show Guest: Jules E. Dowler Shepard, Living with Celiac Disease

    A Celiac patient living gluten-free and dairy-free for 11 years, author, baking and lifestyle consultant, speaker and flour inventor Jules Shepard is well versed in nearly every aspect of the gluten free community.

    Her personal and professional perfectionism drove her to work for two years to develop a truly all-purpose flour that, more than allowing people to replicate the taste and feel of baked goods, it helps many retain their identities; it re-unites families in their kitchens; it gets people to focus on the health potential of foods; it gives people hope that their newly dictated gluten-free journeys are, in fact, possible (and can even be enjoyable); it gives restaurants and bakeries new ways to meet a growing demand.

    Jules understands the medical aspects of celiac disease, intimately: she has lectured to celiac pioneer Dr. Alessio Fasano’s medical students, and written books and magazine articles and appeared on TV and radio explaining the disease in understandable terms.

    As a manufacturer, and having acted as a consultant to other manufacturers, Jules understands and imparts with ease the nuances and crucial importance of manufacturing safe, certified gluten-free foods. As an author, she has published a very well received cookbook, a reference for newly diagnosed celiacs and others embarking on a gluten free journey, and a book slated for publishing in September of 2010 on the other food restrictions in addition to gluten that more and more people on gluten free diets are learning they also have to address.

    As a former attorney, Jules is not only comfortable in front of audiences of hundreds, but confidently and clearly articulates her topics; be it hope for anxious patients or the business opportunities facing bakeries, restaurants and other foodservice concerns.

    To learn more about Jules and her books, visit www.JulesGlutenFree.com or www.nearlyNormalCooking.com

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