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    Do you need a passport to travel?

    Yes and no! A passport for any US citizen is required for all air and automobile travel outside of the US. The exception is closed-loop cruises that sail roundtrip from the same US port. A birth certificate and picture ID can be presented for these cruises. For more detailed information, including the new fees, please visit the State Department’s website at

    Jenny Reed is a devoted mom, avid traveler and owner of a no-service-fee travel agency With over 25 cruises sailed, she plans cruises and land vacations worldwide. Check out her blog at or follow her on Twitter @TheTravelExpert.


    1. Does this mean I need some sort of photo ID for my 8 month old? We are taking a cruise this fall and I was told all we need is a birth certificate…do we need a photo ID for him as well???

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