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    Stride Rite – Early Walker Shoes – Product Review

    monkey stride rite shoes

    I had the honor to receive and review the early walker shoes by Stride Rite. When I received the product I had to admit I was a bit excited. The little monkey embroidered shoes were so adorable, I just couldn’t stand it! They put an instant smile on my face. They were so soft made with a tan and brown scotch guarded suede and are extremely flexible allowing for those little toes to wiggle freely in them. Stride Rite uses the Natural Motion System® technology which allows for comfort, protection and flexibility all of which was spot on! If you have ever attempted to put shoes on a baby you know that the minute you touch their toes they flex them upward. With this shoe, the opening to the shoe was large enough for me to push his little toes down while I closed it shut. It also has a nice size tab on the back to help ease the shoe on and off. I gave these little shoes to my adorable nephew, AJ and I am told that he is wearing them and making great strides to becoming a professional walker!

    These fantastic early walking shoes can be found online at Stride Rite or at any Stride Rite retailers. These adorable lil monkeys retail for $45.00 and come in sizes from 2-4.5 as well as medium to wide widths. It is truly a great investment to your child’s walking future! 🙂

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