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    Subaru Legacy Drives Like a Champ! {#SubaruLegacy #AD}

    2015 Subaru Legacy



    Oh, the Subaru Legacy, where shall I begin?  I was always a “car” driver…that is, until I started having children.  That was 17 years ago.  I loved my cars and would get a new one every three years…that is until I started having children.  I went from driving a Toyota Camry (would bump my head every time I would have to get the baby out of the car) to driving a Hyundai Santa Fe.  Then I had three kiddos and lack of car seat space so on to a minivan.  That is where I stayed up until last year.  Now that my kids are older I was able to get away from being a “minivan mom” and am currently driving a Mitsubishi Outlander.   When I had the opportunity to give the 2015 Subaru Legacy a test drive, I had to jump on that.  I haven’t driven a car since 1997, yes, it was time to see what it felt like to drive a car again and I couldn’t wait!


    When the car first arrived I was super excited to check it out.  I absolutely love this color!  It was called Ice Silver Metallic and it was just beautiful!  I grabbed the key fob and headed to the door, only, I didn’t know how to unlock and open the door.  I had never had a car with Keyless Access with Push-Button Start!  It was all so foreign to me.  I was faced trying to figure out how you actually start the car.  I pushed the start button and nothing happened.  My oldest said that I should put my foot on the break and then try pushing the button again.  I did and it started! YAY!  We did it!  I have to say that I was in complete amazement with the entire car.  The outside was so beautiful!  It was shiny and new.  It was classy yet sporty at the same time.  I was excited to see all the neat new features that I could have only wished I had in a car.  


    Starts at $21,695 to $29,595 with a 5-star safety rating and 36-26MPG!  Right there…speaks volumes to a mom with a new driver in the home.  It is affordably priced, has an amazing safety rating, great gas mileage and has tons of features to boot!  This particular one I tested was loaded with features like a Moonroof, Keyless Access and Push-Button Start + Navigation System, +eyesight driver assistance system (which was so neat…felt like I was flying a plane!) that would alert you when you are starting to cross over into another lane, (heated) leather seats, and all the standard car features (all-wheel drive (which provided a super smooth ride, even in the rain!), cruise control, power windows, intermittent wipers, etc…).  I loved backing out of my driveway because it had the rear back up camera that would turn on in the center dash.  Take a look at the interior & its features:



    I also have to share the interior and seating with you.  I have a taller friend and we went out a few times in the car and she kept saying how impressed she was with the leg room.  As a tall person she said it’s always so cramped in the passenger seats but with the Subaru Legacy, she felt she had plenty of leg room and head room.  I also have three kids who are older, 2 of which are adult size now so to get all three in the backseat without complaining is always a task.  With the Subaru Legacy, they all fit comfortably and had plenty of leg space and shoulder space.  As a shorter person, seat height, dashboard and hood design has always been something that I pay special attention to.  I hate not being able to see over the steering wheel, or have to position myself so that I can see over the hood.  With the Subaru Legacy I didn’t have to adjust anything!  I was able to see perfectly over the steering column, over the hood and what I loved the most was the windows and the larger ability to view blind spots.  It was almost like driving and not having any part of the car disrupt your view.  I love, love, loved it.  It was so airy and spacious while driving.  I felt like a brand new 16 year old driver.  It was an awesome feeling!  I’ll admit it, I did blast the radio and started singing like no one was looking!



    The Subaru Legacy far exceeded my expectations.  If and when the time comes for us to purchase a new vehicle, I can guarantee my first visit will be to my local Subaru dealer to check out the latest and greatest Subaru Legacy model.  I also shared a short video of the vehicle on Periscope so when you hear me talking or answering questions, I was just interacting with those live viewers at the time.  You can view that below but I must warn you… I realized I said “cool” about 1000 times.


    For more information on the 2015 Subaru Legacy you, can visit their Facebook Page, tweet them on Twitter or go visit your local Subaru dealer.


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