Summer Money Saving Tip #VerifiedMomBCN 18

My Money Saving Tip For You





If you are looking for money saving ways to cut back this summer, you can start with what you are eating.  You know what happens when you go out to run errands with the kids right?  Someone is always hungry or asking you to stop at some fast-food place so they can get something to eat because they’re “starving to death”, am I right?  I don’t have endless amounts of money to supply the kids with fast-food treats and meals all the time, nor would I want to.  


The only way I have figured out how to combat that is to pack your own snacks or even your own sandwiches!  If you know that you will be running from store to store looking for different sales on school supplies, you know someone will end up starving.  Why not….make a sandwich, and take it with you to avoid the last minute drive thru run?  It will not only save you time, but it will save you money too!  Pack a little picnic lunch, a special treat {my family loves their chocolate bars}, a little cooler with bottled water, juice boxes, or cans of soda, which ever you prefer, and find a nice shady spot to enjoy a nice lunch without breaking your bank.


I calculated this and for my family {myself and three kids}, it will cost me well over $25 for a fast-food lunch where they would get the meals they want {not the dollar menu}.  That adds up to about $100 a month if you plan on eating out once a week with the kids.  Who doesn’t want to save $100 a month?


Today I am planning on going out with the kids to run errands and I will be making sure every kid makes a lunch to bring with.  I may surprise them and find a nice little out of the way park to visit and take some pictures of my money saving mom moment! 🙂


What’s your money saving summer tip?