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    Under $100 Summer Shopping at Kohls! #ad

    With Summer officially here, there is no better time to pick up some of our summer essentials from one of our favorite stores to shop at.   Kohl’s has just about everything you need to have to complete your summer wardrobe and then some!  We were provided a Kohl’s gift card to shop for some of our own summer items.  We gave this $100 to two kiddo’s and let them get to work.  They knew they had a budget to stick to, and, from the looks of it, they did pretty darn good!  Here’s what made it into the cart:


    Kohl's Sunglasses for kids & adults


    Sunglasses!  Everyone needs sunglasses to protect their eyes from the summer sun!  Gianna picked the kids camo sunglasses while Scott picked the sportier sunglasses that he plans on wearing to play baseball with his 12U travel team when they go to ESPN’s Wilson DeMarini Elite Tournament at Disney this July!


    Kohl's Kids Clothing


    Next up was kids clothing.  They both did really well with their clothing selections!  Kohl’s carries a lot of options for kids of all sizes.  We opted to shop in the boys section because we never really feature too many boy items and thought this would be a perfect way to showcase some awesome styles!  Above are two nice boys stripped shirts that can be worn with jeans or jean shorts, or cargo shorts, etc…or as in our case, with the plethora of shorts in the dresser drawers!


    Kohl's Boys Outfit


    Look at those mad matching skills the teen boy displayed!  He was very determined to find something that matched because according to him, he just throws things on and doesn’t really care.  Today, he cared.  Today, I was proud.  He is by far NOT a shopper.  Actually hates it.  But today, he displayed a little…uhm…growth and a tad bit of maturity while he shopped.  I think he did well considering…he’s a boy, sooooo….. {spin off of my favorite State Farm commercial}.


    Kids Clothing from Kohl's


    Now the sister was getting in on the shopping action and wanted to show support for her brother so she picked out a baseball shirt and matching shorts.  I think she has a knack for shopping… and matching, don’t you?  Right up his alley…baseball.  Anything having to do with baseball is as good as sold!


    Kohl's Toys


    And, lastly, we cannot leave Kohl’s without stopping to look at the toys and games!  Today we found a Nerf soccer ball and I’m sure you know that soccer is all the rage right now!  We also grabbed a Nintendo DS video game for the long trip to Florida!

    So…lets see how the kids did with their budget.

    2 pairs of sunglasses

    4 t-shirts

    2 pairs of shorts

    Soccer Ball

    Nintendo DS game

    Kohl's Receipt

    The subtotal was $121.27.  We had a 20% off scratch off {current 30-20-10% off promotion at the time}, plus the tax brought our total to $105.50.  Used the $100 Kohl’s gift card and placed the balance of $5.50 on my Kohl’s charge.  Then, much to my surprise, I received $10 Kohl’s Cash to use at a later date.  This means, in a round about way, I actually made $4.50 today shopping at Kohl’s and came home with great products to kick start the summer!   We love shopping at Kohl’s because you can get a lot for your money, not only with price as a factor, but something I look very closely at, quality.  I like to know that I am getting quality products for a fair and reasonable cost, both of which Kohl’s provides us with.


    What’s your favorite department to shop at while visiting your local Kohl’s store?

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