Wife, Mom & Inventor: Robyn Pellei balances it all

Our radio spotlight is on wife, mom to 9 (yes you read that right, nine children), and inventor, Robyn Pellei.  Her days are filled with smiles, laundry, school work, emails, business calls, diapers, snacks, hugs,  coffee and prayers (lots!).  She is the inventor of two amazing product with more on the way!

TMM: How do you manage it all?

RP: “What am I doing?” and “How do I do it?” are questions that I ask myself and often hear from others.   I have 9 adorable children that range in age from 3 months to 9 years!  Please, pick up your jaw and stifle your laughter.  I am not a comedian, though that may be my next venture!  I started making products when the needs got so great in my home that I had to do something to make things easier.  Necessity truly is the mother of invention.   Oh, I also homeschool our kids…they are all in 4th grade this year!  And, I am the wife and life-partner to a wonderful husband.  I have friends that are amazing and a squad of cheering family members.  So, you know all about who I am now – a wife, a mom, a teacher, a CEO, and a friend.  Today’s popular term for all of that is Momprenuer.

Now that you have read a little about what makes Robyn tick, here is some information about her fabulous products.  You can also learn more by visiting www.vivevita.com and take a listen to our show as we go into more depth about how she manages to do it all…with a smile!

About Bandette: Created to help keep track of who’s cup belonged to who, Bandettes are the fun labels for kids cups and bottles that end daily cup confusion and wasted drinks.  The unique name plate has plenty of room for names, dates, allergies and/or other information.   Simply use a ballpoint pen for daily writing and remove by gently rubbing with a cloth, or use a permanent marker for long term information.  Find out more: www.bandette.com

About Gripsterz: Gripsterz™ StayAlong™  is designed to be used and configured in a wide variety of ways.  Gripsterz is an adorable adventurous monkey attached to a ring that is swinging from a vine strap. The monkey is irresistible to grip and the vine is conveniently attached to a parent in many different ways. Kids will reflexively keep their monkey friend gripped tightly in hand, while parents are free to walk or stop as they desire.  Gripsterz™ StayAlong™ is Lead Free and Phthalate Free. CARE: Wash surface with non-abrasive soap and water.

Robyn, thank you so much for letting us take a peek into your life.  You are truly an inspiring woman, one I am grateful to know.  Best of luck as you get ready to launch your next few items!  We will definitely be watching and waiting patiently to see!

Editor Note:  This post will be updated once our radio show podcast is available.

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