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    Is there a recipe for happiness? YES!

    Recipe for Happiness


    • Heaps of fresh and positive Perspective
    • Cups of Positive Assumptions
    • 3 (or more) Good Things
    • Tons of Fun


    As a base, place a heap of perspective (fresh and positive is best) in a large bowl. To accelerate the process, engage others for an even broader perspective. During this step, please wear rose-colored glasses.

    Add large cups of positive assumptions. Assume the best and blend with hope, optimism and gratitude (not available in most media outlets).

    Stir in 3 Good Things. Add one good thing about yourself, one good thing about family, and one good thing about work. Start with 3 Good Things but feel free to add additional to taste.

    Remove any Negativity that rises up such as doubts, fear or worry.

    Finally, pour in tons of fun to maximum capacity and stir with laughter, giggles and hoots.

    Stir all ingredients together with an attitude of possibility and love and let rise and bake at 98.6 degrees for several hours, days, weeks, months and years. This recipe serves several people. Once you consume this, you will infuse many others and you and your happy friends will perpetuate happiness as long as you choose.

    As a garnish, fill your plate with tons of caring for yourself and others. Take hot baths, talk to friends, laugh and play. Take action to help others accomplish their dreams, hold the door open, say thank you and express your love.

    ***With regular consumption of this recipe you will NOT be one of the 70% of Americans who report being less than very happy.

    Or one of the 46% percent of workers who feel unappreciated.

    Or one of the 54% of Americans concerned about the level of stress in their every day lives.

    And you will AVOID higher medical costs, lower work efficiency and missed days at work.

    Recipe for Happiness was provided to us from our friend, Erika Oliver.

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