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    Wipe with Boogie Wipes -Product Review

    This has been the worst flu season ever!  Every where we turn, someone is down for the count with the flu or is just plain sick!  If your little one has been bit by the snotty bug, then you really need to arm yourself with quite a few of these packages of Boogie Wipes {$1.59 10pk} and while you’re at it, you might as well grab the new Boogie Mist {$6.29}!

    Here’s what I discovered.  No matter how old you are, you will still like to use the extra soft, original Boogie Wipes saline wipes for your stuffy nose.  I know, I know, it was made for the littles, but really, who has to know you’re using them?  I’ll fill you in on a little secret.  I used them and quite frankly, I really think they saved my nose.  They didn’t dry out my nose or make it so sore that I couldn’t touch it!  It was quite the opposite really.  It made my nose feel so much better.  You see, I have a horribly dry house and with constant sinus issues, I personally couldn’t wait to test them out.  It just so happened that while I was testing out the Fresh Scented Boogie Wipes, I had my daughter try out the Grape scent.   Yes, she is a bit older but if I had known about these products when my daughter was an infant or toddler, I’d be sporting this package every where I went.  There is nothing worse than chasing around a snot-nosed kid who knows that kleenex is the devil when they’re sick.  The Boogie Wipes are so soothing that you’re kiddo will be begging you to wipe their noses!  {Well maybe not, but stranger things have been known to happen!}

    Now get this.  The fabulous makers of the Boogie Wipes has come up with the new Boogie Mist Saline Mist for Stuffy Noses.  This product is the BOMB!!!  Again as an adult with sinus issues and a constant dry passage way, this saline mist was super easy to use and it smelled good too {the nozzle is scented}…not gonna lie!  I hate the feeling of something going in and up my nose, but the way that the nozzle is angled, it just seemed to fit more naturally.  I can only imagine what it would do for a toddler or older kiddo who is sick or experiencing nasal congestion.

    The Boogie Mist & Boogie Wipes are made using natural saline and are available at a variety of drug stores both online and in retail locations near you.

    So, if you are sick…or if your little ones are sick, be sure to pick some up and have it on hand at all times!  You’ll thank me later that you did!!



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